photo: KIOKU Keizo


ArtistTony OURSLER
Material/ Techniquefiber glass, DVD, DVD player, projector
Size/ DurationH104×W143×D41cm
Copyright Notice© Tony OURSLER
Year of acquisition/ donation2005
DescriptionBorn in New York, USA in 1957. Lives and works there.

Oursler expanded the horizons of video art by projecting images on three-dimensional objects. He is known for his installations of dolls made of cloth and fiberglass projected with images of human faces. The appearance of a real human face on the head of a seemingly charming doll, which mutters expressively, is uncanny, but it is also humorous. Using various technologies, Oursler incorporated the everyday world into his own expression in such a way that he blurs the boundary between the real and the unreal.

In "Pink", the image of the eyes and mouth of a human face are projected onto a three-dimensional form shaped after a frog’s head made of fiberglass. In "Ello", a deformed lime-green human face is projected onto a round, white mass. The eyes, which are too large in comparison to the mouth, move around restlessly and blink. A face without a nose, with exaggerated big eyeballs, red lips and white teeth gives an impression that it is both humorous and grotesque. Barely audible murmurs of the two are a succession of unrelated words without fixed stories: “Fog. Tension. Amazement. Burn. Desire. Desire. Desire. Desire…” "(Pink)" and “Nothingness. Boundary. Sacred. Devil. Discovery. Explode…” "(Ello)" The strange expressions on the face and the combination of suggestive words in both pieces tap on the viewer’s memory and deep psyche, having an expressiveness that evokes mixed feelings.