photo: SAIKI Taku

Scratch / Shadow (rectangle)

ArtistITO Makoto
Material/ Techniqueglass plate, paper
Size/ DurationH86.5×W61.5×D3cm
Copyright Notice© ITO Makoto
Year of acquisition/ donation2005
DescriptionBorn in Dalian, former Manchuria (now China) in 1940. Lives and works in Yamanashi, Japan.

Af ter studying Japanese painting at Tama Art University, he mastered the skill of glass blowing as an artisan at Kagami Crystal. In 1967 he built a furnace at his home. And he became independent from Kagami Cristal in 1970. He was involved in establishing a university course in glass for the first time in Japan at his old university, and he took the lead in Japan’s studio glass movement. In recent years, by removing his furnace, he has been trying not to rely on old glass-making processes, experimenting with new ways to work on glass.

Innumerable fine lines were scratched on the frontside of a glass plate using a hand-grinder or a diamond-point pen. With the passage of light through the glass, delicate shadows are projected on a paper sheet put behind the glass. The simple and intellectual form of his three-dimensional works made with techniques such as glass blowing is even refined in these two works. Unnecessary elements in the form are eliminated in order to focus on the phenomena of light and shadow, the transmission of light and reflection. Lines and blank space filled with a tense atmosphere display profound spirituality that has something in common with line drawings in Japanese style.