photo: SAIKI Taku

The Rise and Fall

Material/ Techniqueglass
Size/ DurationH49×φ26.2cm
Copyright Notice© Scott CHASELING
Year of acquisition/ donation2003
DescriptionBorn in Tamworth, Australia in 1962. Lives and works in Sydney.

Chaseling studied sculpture and glass in Australia and the U.S. He has exhibited his work since the second half of the 1980s. He started out with blowing glass, and currently uses the technique called ‘roll-up’ to make works having painting decorations rich in narrative. In the technique of ‘roll-up,’ glass fragments are lined up like tiles, melted and blown to become three-dimensional. He established his own style of expression marked by plural axes of space and time through painting completely different pictures and patterns all over the inside and the outside of the vessel.

Depicted in front of the vessel is a falling man. On the other side, a square frame is set over the background pattern of orange circles, and there depicted is a truck passing by a figure sitting on a tree stump. Chaseling calls these images ‘snapshots.’ In addition to the front and the back of the container, different ‘snapshots’ are also seen on the inside. In this piece with a peculiar feeling of floating through the mixture of actual events and imaginative tales, the viewer can recognize an influence from manga and Aboriginal patterns. It gives a good example of how Chaseling can control the time axis as well as the framework of fiction and fact as he pleases in a form of a vessel holding space inside.