photo: SAIKI Taku

Seed Vessel − Tanami Traces Series I-02

ArtistPippin DRYSDALE
Material/ Techniqueporcelain
Size/ DurationH41×φ20cm
Copyright Notice© Pippin DRYSDALE
Year of acquisition/ donation2003
DescriptionBorn in Melbourne, Australia in 1943. Lives and works in Fremantle.

After completing an advanced ceramics course at the Western Australian School of Art and Design, Drysdale began showing a series of solo exhibitions from 1986. She has been working energetically, having stayed overseas including Europe and North America for production. Angular-shaped thin pots made on a wheel are her basic style, and on them she expresses her feelings and impressions of landscapes she saw on a residency program or on a trip, or what she has received from grand nature of her native Australia. Her unique sense of color is also highly recognized.

Both works belong to the “Tanami Traces Series” that starts from 2002. The strong impression she received from the Tanami Desert in northwestern Australia during a flight inspired this series. The white, delicate lines on the pots’ surface indicate wind patterns on the sand. Ever changing sceneries of the desert, the sunlight and shadows of clouds on the sand, for example, are expressed in colors of green and orange on the works of "Granite Pool" and "Seed Vessel". Subtle differences of shades in single color resulted from her spraying different kinds of glaze onto the surface. The white lines, which are partially erased by polishing, highlight changing desert sceneries. Earth/soil that is a constituent of the earth is regenerated as the embodiment of the artist’s impression of the earth.