photo: SAIKI Taku

Sandcast Jar

ArtistBodil MANZ
Material/ Techniqueporcelain
Size/ DurationH22.2×W46.5×D34.5cm
Copyright Notice© Bodil MANZ
Year of acquisition/ donation2003
DescriptionBorn in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1943. Lives and works in Horve.

After studying ceramics at the School of Arts and Craft in Copenhagen, Bodil Manz continued to research on ceramics in England and Sweden. Together with her husband Richard MANZ, who is also a ceramic artist, she moved to the U.S. and produced works and made research. After returning to Denmark in 1967, she opened a studio with her husband and started to create, which continues until now. In her works made with slip casting porcelain, light taken in through a thin porcelain wall and the space embracing it constitute the important elements of the work.

This work is made using sand mold slip casting, which the artist is experimenting in recent years. The shape of an oval container is something the artist has often made, and subtle concave / convex left on the surface, roughness and colors scattered at random show the tendency in her expression that has turned more spontaneous than before. Delicate texture was made by traces left on the surface by a variety of sand used for the mold. Possibilities of porcelain in expressing three-dimensional forms are pursued in terms of the relationship between rich surface made by colors taken from nature such as yellow and green as well as the white color of porcelain and the inside space filled with bright light.