A Secret Story

Material/ Techniquealuminum, plastic, stainless steel
Size/ DurationH130 × W50 × D55cm (6 pieces)
Copyright Notice© HISHIYAMA Yuko
Year of acquisition/ donation2004(作品購入年月日:2004/03/31)
DescriptionBorn in Tokyo, Japan in 1964. Lives and works there.

After studying stone sculpture, Hishiyama encountered a material called aluminum mesh as a graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania in the U.S. Since then, using the motif of the human body, she has produced works based on this material. She adds humorous expressions to deformed bodies, and by capturing the moment of casual movement, she invites the viewer to read some kind of story into her work. While being a hard metal, aluminum mesh is elastic as well as soft. Therefore, this thin, see-through material creates an impression that her work is voluminous yet graceful.

This work is a group of six figures made of aluminum mesh. Their upright postures have a stiff feel, but their facial expressions are completely different with individuality. Though their long faces and thick lips are observed in common, they have distinctive characteristics above the neck – inclining the head, looking upward, looking into, etc., so that each of the six figures shows different expressions, such as looking composed, pondering and laughing. When the six figures create a scene of whispering to each other and murmuring, they look as if they were enjoying a conversation – a secret story. We listen intently to the conversation and participate in it spreading the wings of our imagination. As the statues are about the same height as five-year-olds, children facing the works at their eye-level may find it easier to blend into the world of the figures than adults.