photo: SAIKI Taku


ArtistOHGITA Katsuya
Material/ Techniqueglass, silver leaf, cold cast, polished
Size/ DurationH15.5×W38×D17cm
Copyright Notice© OHGITA Katsuya
Year of acquisition/ donation2000
DescriptionBorn in Osaka, Japan in 1957. Lives and works in Ishikawa.

Ohgita Katsuya studied metal casting at Kanazawa College of Art and glass art at Tokyo Glass Art Institute. He uses the casting technique in which glass is filled in a plaster mold, baked and shaped. Sandblast, silver leaf put in a mold, and colored glass-powder are useful to produce delicate and intricate textures on the surface. Many works show simple three-dimensional objects in the form of a house or a container. With unnecessary parts completely removed, they seem to reveal the core of its existence. What attracts attention is light left in the glass, which is an important component of the work.

The form of this work is a simple trapezoid produced by the technique in which glass is filled in a plaster mold, melted and shaped in an electric kiln. Silver foils on the upper edge of the work, which were put on the inside of the mold before firing, help produce intricate expressions. Vague, soft light is left inside the work, which has two features: a lump of transparent thick glass and the whitish translucent surface. With the artist’s eyes and hands directed to the environment such as light and a sense of air surrounding the work, the work makes us feel warm, contradicting our usual image of glass that is sharp and fragile.