St.Francis and the Birds

ArtistNalini Jayasuriya
Mediumoil paint on canvas
CountrySri Lanka
Collection no.6
ExplanationNalini Jayasuriya is a painter born in Matara, Sri Lanka. Being a Christian, the artist has consistently created works on the themes of Christianity and peace. In addition to paintings, she works on picture book illustrations, and murals and stained glass windows for churches. The artist also researches religious art in Asia. St. Francis of Assisi is a Catholic saint. He lived adhering to vows of poverty, chastity and service following the teaching of Jesus Christ. Founding the "Lesser Brothers" (Franciscan Order, later developed into “the Grey Friar”), he lived his whole life with passion and devotion. St. Francis is known as “the Saint closest to Jesus Christ” for his genuine fondness for every small thing, including flowers and birds.