Giacomo BALLA

Native placeTurin, ITA
Dead placeRome, ITA


Born in Turin. Active in Rome, one of the major painters of the Divisionist style starting around 1900. In 1910 signed the “Manifest of the Futurist Painters and the Futurist Painting: Technical Manifest,” both written by his friend and fellow painter, Boccioni. Worked on the expression of light and movement, and arrived at almost completely abstract compositions by 1912 -1913. Published the “Futurist Reconstruction of the Universe” with Fortunato Depero in 1915. Participated in the important group exhibitions by the Futurists in the 1920s, and was active in a wide range of media, including film, theater, interior design, and commercial design. In the latter half of the 1920s began to create popular realistic paintings, and by the 1930s stood in opposition to the Futurists. Died in Rome.

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