Native placeAntheit, BEL
Dead placeFurnes, BEL


Born in Antheit, a small village in Liège province, Belgium. The skeleton motif which occurs occasionally in his work was a memory from the body models and skeleton modeIs he saw as a child. Studied at the Brussels Royal Academy of Fine Arts, and created his first works with a train station motif while in school. After 1930 was influenced by Flemish expressionism, and encountered the human figure models and skeletons displayed at the Spitzner Museum which displayed marvels in the Brussels sample market. This experience combined with his viewing of De Chirico's works at the 1934 Minotaur exhibition which featured Surrealist works, led him to gradually change to a more Surrealist painting style. He used train stations or buildings at night as his stage for groups of half-nude, expressionless beautiful women who wander like amnesiacs in his illogical, magical world.

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