Native placeBuffalo, USA
Dead placeNew York, USA


Born in Buffalo, New York. After graduating from Columbia University, he studied painting from 1936-37 at the National Academy of Design and the American Artists School. In 1937 he became one of the American Abstract Artists, and during the 1930s he painted geometric abstract paintings influenced by Cubism and Mondrian. During the 1940s he emerged from the hardness of geometric abstraction, but then starting at the end of the 1940s, his works once again took on a strong geometric form. In 1953 he advanced to creating almost monochrome works made up of blue or red squared symmetrical patterns. From the following year to his death more than a decade later he created paintings whose canvases were divided horizontally and vertically into thirds, forming 9 rectangles which were painted black in almost indistinguishable forms.

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