SUDA Kokuta

Native placeFukiage, Saitama, JPN
Dead placeKobe, Hyogo, JPN


Born in Fukiage, Saitama prefecture. He received the name Kokuta from Murayama Kaita. After graduating from middle school, he spent a year at the Kawabata Painting School, and then pursued painting studies on his own. His talents were recognized by Terauchi Manjiro, and after he received his first exhibition acceptance in the 1935 Kofu-kai exhibition, he then successfully exhibited works in the exhibition for the following three years. Thanks to influence by Hasegawa Saburo, he also painted a series of abstract paintings. He then returned to subjective depictions and also broke new ground in the genres of calligraphy and ceramics. For 20 years, from 1971 to 1990 (the year of his death), he created the illustrations for Shiba Ryotaro's serial story "Kaido o yuku" which was serialized in the "Shukan Asahi".

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