SHOJI Satoru

Native placeKyoto, JPN


Born in Kyoto but moved to Nagoya, almost immediately after his birth. Studied under Tsuji Shindo and Horiuchi Masakazu in the sculpture division of Kyoto City College of Arts (present-day Kyoto City University of Arts). Became a lecturer in the design department of the Nagoya Crafts High School and came to know Kuno Shin, the contemporary artist who was also lecturing at the school at that time. Around 1968 began to create works out of cloth which expand into the air in tense straining forms, fully aware of the influential power of the environment. Known as the artist working in cloth, he exhibits primarily in one-man shows in Nagoya and Kyoto, also entering works in the Contemporary Art Exhibition of Japan and the International Art Exhibition of Japan. He continues to display large-scale works, with his activities ranging from overseas exhibitions to work in the theater and creation of monumental works for public spaces. He also advises younger artists at the Nagoya University of Arts and other campuses.

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