Native placeYokohama, Kanagawa, JPN
Dead placeParis, FRA


Born in present-day Yokohama city. In 1916 formed the Japan Print Club with Nagase Yoshiro and others and held regular exhibitions. These and other activities made Hasegawa one of the important artists in the sosaku-hanga movement in Japan. Went to France in 1918. From then also worked in other media such as oils and copper prints, and was always highly regarded as an artist who created works with a high degree of technical skill and artistry. Today however, his most widely acclaimed works are a group of 40 mezzotint still-lifes he created in the decade following 1958 in his 70s. As the artist himself says that "more than painting paintings, I was always more mindful in the creation of myself,” he did not show his techniques, rather allowing them to work their magic in the background of his creations, emerging as deep value statements, cosmic views.

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