Native placeNagoya, Aichi, JPN
Dead placeNagoya, Aichi, JPN


Born in Nagoya. In 1943 graduated from the arts department of Tokyo University of Education (present-day Tsukuba University), and then entered the navy as a student trainee. Spent the end of the war as a military pilot instructor in the special attack corps. After the end of the war, entered works in the Shinseisaku-kyokai exhibitions (1952-60), and received new artist awards for his abstract form steel works. From the latter half of the 1950s through the first half of the 1960s, was caught up in the Art Informel movement, as his works displaying new potentials in painterly expression drew popular acclaim. Then, from the 1960s through the 1970s, he held a series of one-man shows overseas, and entered works in invitational exhibitions. In 1966 he received a Rockefeller Foundation Japan Society scholarship and was able to spend some time studying in New York. After returning to Japan he began to use stainless steel as his medium, establishing his unique painterly viewpoint which kept a sense of the three-dimensional in the two dimensional form.

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