NODA Hiroji

Native placeWakayama, JPN


Noda was born in Wakayama prefecture. Graduated from the oil painting course, department of painting of Tama Art University in 1976. The realms of Minimalism and Conceptual Art dominated the art world when he debuted as a painter during the 1970s, a time when painting was a particularly fraught medium. He realized that he could not avoid the process of reconsidering the potentials to be found in painting. He investigated what actually was established by a painting, and set himself the task of exploring these questions through the 1970s through 1980s. His group of relief sculptures which placed colored paper, wood, cloth and other elements inside a box-like wooden frame, his series of works in which support media with protrusions and depressions were wrapped in canvas and then painted, and the series of works in which folded pieces of canvas were arranged in geometric images on a piece of stretched canvas were the results of these experiments. These and other experiments took Noda into the 1990s when he took the results of these experiments and from them created paintings with beautiful colors and richly powerful images. Noda stands as one of the major two dimensional artists of today.

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