Native placeHiroshima, JPN


Okamoto was born in Hiroshima prefecture. Received his Masters degree in sculpture from Tama Art University in 1976. He quickly began participating in sculpture symposia held both in Japan and overseas, and also continued working on displaying sculptures in outdoor sculpture exhibitions. In 1989 received the Asakura Fumio Prize, and in 1996 received the Nakahara Teijiro Prize. Today he is recognized world-wide as one of Japan's major sculptors in stone. During the first half of the 1980s he created hollows in stone blocks, and then used lights to shine into the interior through narrow gaps in the surface of the stone. These tricky sculptures then were replaced in the latter half of the 1980s by roughly planed granite broken into small fragments which were then reconstructed the fragments so that the interior was hollow in a series entitled Memory Cubage. These richly imaginative works broke new ground in the realm of stone sculpture.

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