Native placeBarcelona, ESP
Dead placePalma de Mallorca, ESP


Born in Barcelona, Spain. He held the first one-man show in Barcelona in 1918. From 1920, lived in both Paris and the Catalonian village of Montroig as he created his works. Inter-acted with the young poets of Paris and this transformed his style into a more magical form. Miró became involved with Surrealism from 1925 onwards. In the 1930s he created grotesquely explosive images of human figures and then began to create a poetic painterly world made up of symbol-like forms. After World War II active in a wide variety of media, including prints, sculpture, and ceramics, and developed a worldwide reputation. Visited Japan twice in 1966 and 1969, and created wall paintings for the Osaka World Exposition in 1969. Died in Palma de Majorca.

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