Native placeMoscow, RUS
Dead placeNeuilly-sur-Seine, Paris, FRA


Born in Moscow. After graduating from Moscow University, moved to Munich in 1896 where he studied with Azbe and von Stuck. The majority of his early works were landscapes painted with the use of a palette knife in the Impressionist style, and the many subject matter was Russian in theme. Settling in Munich in 1908, he formed the Blaue Reiter group with Marc in 1911. During this period his subject matter became more abstracted, so that specific subjects were indiscernible as he worked to formulate an abstract style of resonant colors. He was invited to join the Bauhaus in 1922 and he taught there until it was closed in 1933. The works of this period are strong in geometric elements. From 1934 on he lived in the outskirts of Paris where he created fantastic paintings filled with seemingly microscopic organisms.

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