CUBIC#51021110 <模型>

資料名(ヨミ)キュービック シャープゴイチゼロニイチイチイチゼロ
資料名(E/J)CUBIC#51021110 *model
作者Thierry Ferreira Thierry Ferreira
作品解説My current artistic research focuses on the practice of sculpture, drawing / sculpture and photography.

This research is divided into three groups;

- First group or central core:
Construction concept, construction, housing, ability of art to convene a virtual space, typical of modernist practices (centripetal orientation), and the flight of this virtual space the actual worm (centrifugal direction).

- Second group:
Workshop practice which emerge a relationship that sets joint sculpture, photography and drawing. Photography functions here as protocol sculpture.

- Third group: art in general.
At the intersection of these three groups emerge two types of work:
One of programmatic nature in which the final result includes the above Overseas him where procedural matter, the act of the body are vectors e founder of the final object.

Since 2006 I explore the human relationship with its habitat, seeking to establish links between the construction of contemporary man and his archaic equivalent in the same building or in the anthropological level is the architectural level. I try to be remembered as invisible matter but which remain visible in the printed structure (habitat / home) through several techniques, media and materials.
The 29th UBE Biennale - Excellent Sculpture Plan