作者Leonard CUMBO Leonard CUMBO

Star Fisherman may be a metaphor of the relationship between heaven and earth, between reality and dream, between matter and soul, between reason and fantasy, between traditional and innovation, … but also of the patient waiting for a change. It also represents the eternal desire of man to unveil the mysteries of the universe and to conquer the space through scientific and technological research.
An Italian legend tells that if at night a desire is expressed while observing a star crossing quickly the sky, that wish will come true. The work leads the current in which a falling star is captured by a network that ‘flies’ in the vacuum emerging from the depth of the earth / water. In this work, the situations are consumed.
So that the fisherman is under water while the object of the fishing is out of the water. The under becomes above, the weight becomes the absence of drags its along the same trajectory, probably the fisherman will be pulled out of the water interrupted his movement. Each fruitore will supply its conclusions as the work does not provide answer but produces questions and stimulates personal solutions.

For children
Always launch the network in the deep waters of your dreams and your fantasy. You will take out amazing things that will surrender you for their authenticity. They will stimulate your creativity turning your carries and your truths and starting to revolutionize your life and the world that surrounds you.