Porcelain with floral spray design in underglaze blue on a yellow enamel ground
Accession No.00630
CollectionThe ATAKA Collection
KilnJingdezhen ware
Date 1Ming dynasty
Date 2Zhengde mark and period (1506-1521)
PhotographPhotographs: MUDA Tomohiro
DescriptionThis dish was first fired to produce the underglaze blue decoration, then the white area was covered with a yellow glaze and fired for the second time at a low temperature. This decorative technique, in which the underglaze blue clearly stands out against the richly-applied yellow-glaze background, first developed during the Xuande period and there are extant examples with similar decorations produced in later periods. The center of the interior bears large pomegranate blossoms surrounded by branches with persimmons, cherries, lychees and peaches depicted on the interior walls and the exterior is decorated with baoxianghua flowers. These motifs have also been repeatedly adopted since the Xuande period in various wares including the blue-and-white ware, cobalt blue-glaze ware and kaki (orange brown)-glaze ware.