Porcelain with braiding design in underglaze blue and overglaze red enamel
Accession No.01407
KilnNabeshima style, Nabeshima ware
Date 1Edo period
Date 21700-1740's
DescriptionNabeshima ware was made exclusively as a gift for the Shogun family at the Nabeshima clan's own kiln. The characteristics of Nabeshima ware are the elaborate craftsmanship and high prestige that qualify itself as a gift for the nobility. Two pairs of braided ropes are painted in underglaze blue and overglaze red, a simple but innovative composition. The minute brushwork to depict the tassels of braided ropes clearly demonstrates the craftsmanship of the potters of the Nabeshima kiln. The dish is in the shape of a wooden sake cup, with a flower scroll motif in underglaze blue drawn on three sides of the exterior wall.