Stoneware with design of autumn flowers in overglaze enamels
Accession No.01226
Date 1Edo period
DescriptionKo-Kiyomizu (old Kiyomizu ware) is a generic name for Kyo-yaki type stoneware with overglaze enamel produced in the Edo period (1615-1868). It was named in contrast with the succeeding Kiyomizu ware which is a Kyo-yaki type porcelain. This piece bears a floral plant design spontaneously covering the body. Blue, red and gilt charming flowers, predominantly chrysanthemums, blooming among the bushy green leaves and grass. The delicate and graceful style of the motif is typical of Ko-Kiyomizu ware. The base bears an oval-shaped seal which can be read "Iwakura". A shard revealing a same seal has been excavated from a stratum of the archaeological site of Kyoto-gyoen (Kugemachi Iseki), which is dated to the latter half of the 17th century, suggesting that this piece also might have been produced around that time.