Porcelain with noble figure design in underglaze blue and overglaze enamels
Accession No.00496
CollectionThe ATAKA Collection
KilnJingdezhen ware
Date 1Ming dynasty
Date 2Wanli mark and period (1573-1620)
PhotographPhotographs: MUDA Tomohiro
DescriptionThis eight-lobed basin with a flattened rim was probably used as a wash basin, fixed on a wooden support. A repetitive motif of a Daoist immortal and a child in overglaze polychrome enamels covers the whole interior. The rich use of red, blue, yellow and green makes the piece extremely colorful and gorgeous. By contrast, the outer walls are decorated with two types of baoxianghua flowers, leaving considerable amount of white space, while the outer mouth rim bears a band of vine scrolls. A basin with overglaze decoration in the same shape has been excavated from a tomb of the Qing dynasty in Beijing.