Underglaze iron-coated celadon with inlaid inscription of <i>ruyi</i> design
Accession No.00711
CollectionThe ATAKA Collection
Date 1Goryeo dynasty
Date 213th Century
DescriptionThe body of this work was fluted boldly and those carved lines were inlaid with white slip. The spaces between the lines were filled with iron paint using a brush-like device. It is likely that the body was covered with a celadon glaze before firing. Bands of lotus petals decorate below the mouth and above the foot while <i>ruyi</i> patterns encircle the shoulder. These motifs, together with the bold fluted pattern, deliver a vigorous, robust atmosphere. Such decoration on Goryeo ceramics is rare, except a few shards with similar design found at the kiln sites such as Sadang-ri in Gangjin-gun and Yuchun-ri in Buan-gun.