Celadon with carved and incised design
Accession No.00335
CollectionThe ATAKA Collection
KilnJollanam-do Gangjin
Date 1Goryeo dynasty
Date 212th Century
DescriptionMany Goryeo celadon ewers are modeled on animals and plants, which makes the charming wares special compared to the Chinese Song ewers that imitated metal ware. This piece is in the form of a bamboo shoot, which symbolizes prosperity of descendants because of its fast growth. The bamboo sheath is depicted in detail, the veins elaborately incised, a decoration not seen in Chinese wares. Four layers of sheath is extremely rare, The clear "jade-color" or grayish blue-green glaze makes the form and patterns stand out to look even more beautiful. It is one of the most splendid example among the similar wares.