White porcelain with incised peony and lotus design
Accession No.00334
CollectionThe ATAKA Collection
Date 1Goryeo dynasty
Date 212th century
PhotographPhotographs: MUDA Tomohiro
DescriptionAs the Goryeo potters did not achieve a mastery of producing white porcelain as high as celadon ware, there are very few extant examples. White porcelain was a high-class ware, having many similarities with celadon in terms of form and design. Both wares were fired in the same kiln. This work has a long slender neck and amply swollen body, representing the elegant style of Goryeo ceramics. The finely incised outlines of the peony and lotus flowers that grace the four sides of the body deliver a pastoral atmosphere, also a typical Goryeo representation. White porcelain of this period were produced in large amount particularly at the Yuchun-ri kiln in Buan-gun, Jeollabuk-do, in which a bottle similar to this work has been discovered.