White porcelain with carved peony design
Accession No.00795
CollectionThe ATAKA Collection
KilnDing ware
Date 1Northern Song dynasty
Date 211th Century
DescriptionDing ware has been counted as one of the five classic wares of the Song dynasty and its kin was situated in Quyang County, Hebei Province. White porcelain was produced from the late Tang dynasty and during the Tang and Song dynasties Ding kilns were also producing wares for court use. The distinctive boldly carved lotus petal decoration on the lower half of the body indicates that this piece was produced in the early Northern Song period. While the mouth is missing, it is probable that the mouth was in the shape of a flat dish. Since it was thinly potted, it is very light for its size. Elegantly carved peony scroll design covers the whole body, demonstrating the high craftsmanship of Ding ware of the Northern Song dynasty.