Celadon with incised flowering plant design
Accession No.00790
CollectionThe ATAKA Collection
KilnLongquan ware
Date 1Northern Song dynasty
Date 211th century
DescriptionThe five horn-like pipes stretching out from the shoulder are not hollow. The peculiar shape suggests the piece to be a funerary vessel and actually it was reported in 1976 that a similar piece was discovered from the tomb in Longquan County, Zhejiang Province along with a dish-shape-mouthed bottle and ewer. The surface of this jar bears a protruding line, a feature typical to ceramics of southern China of this period, and an incised simplified floral plant design. While this type of ware used to be considered as a Yue product, today most scholars agree that the techniques of finishing of the foot ring, glazing and firing suggest such jars to be made in Longquan.