photo: SAIKI Taku

Spirit of Stone

ArtistVladimir ZBYNOVSKY
Material/ Techniqueoptical glass, stone
Size/ DurationH27×W45×D24cm
Copyright Notice© Vladimir ZBYNOVSKY
Year of acquisition/ donation2002
DescriptionBorn in Bratislava, Slovakia in 1964. Lives and works in Chantilly, France.

Since he moved to France in 1993, Vladimir Zbynovsky has been producing sculptures merging together mainly stone and glass. A section of a mass of glass made by casting is cut and polished, arranged with collected stones to make works filled with tension. Both materials are related to the generation of the earth in their origins, and probably they have latent energy of the earth. While creating works, Zbynovsky tries to make both the human beings’ creative acts and nature’s generative process face each other, making the relationship between the two stand out in relief.

A lump of optical glass, which has higher translucency and purity than crystal glass, lies on a stone with the width of approximately 45cm. The stone’s metallic texture that reflects light backed by its significant weight is set against the texture of glass resembling highly transparent liquid. The rugged surface of the stone and the surface of glass with slimy luster: the comparison of the two different materials is dynamic and carries with it a tense atmosphere. What Zbynovsky tries to do is not to draw attention to the distinctive features of glass such as refined beauty and ephemeral quality in comparison to the stone’s roughness, but to expose energy concealed in both materials and suggest even fluidity that existed in the process of generation.