Moon & mountain, water vein

Artist岡田 健太郎 OKADA Kentaro
ExhibitionThe 29th UBE Biennale

We come to know our presence in the universe from faraway landscape and phenomena in our hands. In the beginning, several particles appeared. After countless repetition of transformation and disappearance, today’s world came into being. We are observing the same process taking place in our everyday life – the sunrise, waxing and waning of the moon. When we observe the landscape, there is a change in how we grasp the volume. The mountains are compressed, while the water in our hands flow away.

Document ID22309
Source第29回UBEビエンナーレ(現代日本彫刻展) 宇部商工会議所賞
The 29th UBE Biennale Ube Chamber of Commerce and Industry Prize