Corona Column or The Health is a Balancing Act *model

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Japanese TitleCorona Column or The Health is a Balancing Act <模型>
ExhibitionThe 29th UBE Biennale
ConceptCorona Column or The Health is a Balancing Act
The column consists of the letters of the word HEALTH, which are stacked on each other and it seems as if they would fall apart – good health is a balancing act. You can not be certain, if you are healthy and how long you stay it. Everything can at any time collapse. So dangerous seems the virus to be.
Inspiration for the Corona Column were for me the Plague Columns. These Columns full of religious references and baroque opulence I tried to transmit to present days. The construction of the Corona Column is based on the contemporary architecture and design, which is characterized by reduction of the creative means and abandonment of ornaments and it sometimes seems with their lightweight construction, that it does not holt up.
A major role played in the corona times the air. The airiness is expressed by the emptiness between the parts.
The English language is the language of the global world, as well the corona pandemic worldwide was/is.
In contrast to the Plague Columns, built in thanksgiving fot the ending of a plague, implicates the Corona Column the fact, that the health will be always remain a balancing act.
The letter will be made from steel pipes und painted in the colors, that the people in accordance with a survey connect with the health - Green, Red, Blue, Pink, Orange, White, Yellow

アルファベットは鉄製のパイプを素材とし、「健康」と聞いて思い浮かぶ色を尋ねた調査結果に基づきそれぞれカラーリングを施しました - 緑, 赤, 青, ピンク, オレンジ , 白, 黄
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The 29th UBE Biennale - Excellent Sculpture Plan