On the Shoulders of Others / だれかの肩にのって

PlaceTokiwa Park
ConceptExplanation about this project in Japanese.
この作品は、「共生社会ホストタウンサミット in 宇部」の開催を記念して、山口県立宇部総合支援学校の児童・生徒、宇部市内の小学校の児童と保護者等が、UBEビエンナーレ作家で、ドイツのカール・シュトレール学校(視覚障害を持つ生徒が通う学校)で25年間美術教育に携わった経験のあるハンス・ショール氏と共同で制作したシンボル彫刻です。
タイトルの「On The Shoulders Of Others/だれかの肩にのって」は、先人たちの積み重ねのうえに今の私たちがあることを表すヨーロッパの古い格言に着想を得ています。

Sculpture Project for Inclusive Society 2018 - 2019
This symbolic sculpture was produced by students of Yamaguchi Prefectural Ube Special Needs School and students and parents of elementary schools in Ube City in collaboration with Hans Schohl, a UBE Biennale artist and a teacher who taught art in Carl Strehl School in Germany (a school for visually impaired students) for 25 years, to celebrate the success of “Inclusive Society Host Town Summit in Ube”.

The title, “On the Shoulders of Others”, is inspired by an old European proverb teaching us how our everyday life is made possible by the hard works of our predecessors.

The animal motifs featured in the work are based on the drawings by the project participants, who used boards and pencils designed for visually impaired people to draw on a special paper that leaves drawn lines tangible with fingertips. Mr. Schohl reconstructed the animals drawn by the children and made them into a sculpture, in which the animals walk hand in hand, supporting each other.

Acknowledgment for companies and citizens who donated for this project.

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Sculpture Project for Inclusive Society