In matter cycles/ atmospheric circulation(Trinity)

Artist戸田 裕介 TODA Yusuke
ExhibitionThe 28th UBE Biennale



Spring - the dust that whirls in the breeze. Misty surroundings, flowers scattered thickly covering the roadside. The sea in summer. The thunderclouds starting to build far out on the horizon. Black clouds swollen with big drops of water and thunder move at ferocious speed, and soon the intense sunlight vanishes. Autumn - the large amounts of steam that bring the rains. Coming from the ocean and dampening the eaves. Winter - burning straw in dried up rice paddies. Smoke rising from a bonfire, steam dancing wildly and aiming for the sky, meets the bracing cold air and disperses.

それでも大気は動き続ける。 それでも大気の循環は止まらない。

Humans, by nature curious, has been fatally destroying the environment that intentionally or accidentally protects and nurtures them through various experiments. Still, the atmosphere continues to move. I just gaze upon the clouds and smokes that drifts in seasonal winds without portraying their forms. I see both you and me, drifting in the great circulation.




The cherry blossom petals blown around by the spring breeze. Small insect are flying around too. The summer sky, thunderclouds building. Suddenly a big cold drop of rain water falls on my back. The black thunderclouds are suddenly above my head, there is loud thunder and lightning and as quickly as they came they are gone. Autumn, where does all the rain come from? The air and the water are always circulating around us. There is no end here. No middle. No edge.

People think very hard about issues in front of them, and have invented many useful things. Yet I want to think about whether if we continue a failed experiment, can we go back to how things were before? The wind is always blowing.
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