Artist仲田 守 NAKATA Mamoru
ExhibitionThe 28th UBE Biennale


The lifestyle of modern humans is one burdened with responsibility, busy with work and constantly lacking enough time. "I want to be more free, I want to pursue my own dreams in a bigger world, and live free from cares." Many people today feel like this. Jellyfish in the vast sea float gracefully, and live freely and naturally. Using the shape of a jellyfish, I wanted to express the hopes and dreams of people today.


 この「クラゲ」の彫刻を見てどう思いますか? 足が長い、足がグニャグニャしておもしろい、金色だ、などといろいろな事を感じると思います。「クラゲ」は型にはまらず、自由に伸び伸びと動く。その動きは優雅で、形はきれいだと思います。子供たちには型にはまらず、自分らしく伸び伸びと、そして夢を追いかけるような生き方をして欲しいと思います。それが私のこの作品を通しての子供たちへのメッセージです。

What do you think of when you look at this "jellyfish" sculpture? Its tentacles are long, weird, twisted, and gold colored; there are many things you might think. Jellyfish aren't confined; they move naturally and freely. I think their movement is elegant and that they are beautiful. I would like children be unrestricted, to be free and be unique, and to chase their dreams. That's my message to children that I would like to express through this work.
Document ID21855
Source第28回UBEビエンナーレ(現代日本彫刻展) 毎日新聞社賞 Mainichi Newpaper Prize