collecting view in the well *model

Artist四方 謙一 SHIKATA Kenichi
ExhibitionThe 28th UBE Biennale

Make a landscape well.
The vast sky and greenery and water in this place, the people that
have visited now and the many things that will happen infiltrate
through the layered patterns to the inside of the solid. Through the
surrounding environment being reflected, together with the three
dimensional object’s inner rich landscape,
it unites in a three-dimensional object, and the new landscape is
combined as part of Ube’s new landscape. The surroundings and the
sculpture construct a mutual relationship, and creates expression.
They make the landscape together.
In the past, wells as a place to draw water were a necessity and a
central part of people’s life. I hope this well will take on the role
of connecting Ube’s culture and many things that will happen from now
on, and draw up the important landscape that people who live in this
area have built.


The landscape around us is reflected and floats on the inside of the
sculpture made of stainless steel. If you look at it from far away,
like a water mirror, the landscape wavers, and changes. If you climb
the stairs and get close, around the 3D dimples there are various
landscapes clearly reflected. If you try and peek at the inside of the
well, maybe you will see Ube’s sky extending over the inside. I hope
that you will feel that the things we don’t usually notice, the
surrounds we see but don’t pay attention to, discover and feel the
connections between the beautiful landscape and scenery (events).
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