Plantronica Ube *model

Artist岡田 健太郎 OKADA Kentaro
ExhibitionThe 28th UBE Biennale

At the moment, I use round metal pipe to construct fragments and
structures that interest me. I layer not specific shapes, but abstract
images on top of each other. I use as inspiration the things that
occur to me through daily observation and memories, and using my body
and heat I try to find the right shape for the metal. In Ube there are
many factories and also many natural areas filled with flora. This
sculpture’s concept is the shape and structure of both “plants”
(i.e. factory and also flora). Born for the environment and for
purpose, changing and cycling, the various images and shapes join
together, and become one empty cluster, which creates a peculiar
shape. The connections between all things in this world have come
about through a delicate balance.


Do you like going for walks? I often think (without my phone) while
wandering around town. When I was in elementary school, on the way
home, I loved discovering mysterious things hidden around my town.
When I look back, the town was very small, but I fantasized about many
different worlds there. When I was making this sculpture, I collected
parts and fragments of worlds that I’m interested in now, and made it
into one strange shape. They say when the wind blows, the bucket
sellers profit; there are many unexpected things in this universe
which affect each other somehow. When I think about how the ordinary
everyday things in front of our eyes, (also things we can’t see,) are
connected to a larger world, I get excited.
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