Boy Holding an Apple

Artist舟越 保武 FUNAKOSHI Yasutake

The 75cm elegant statue was produced on the year after “Castle of Hara”, a bronze masterpiece. Works by Funakoshi can be roughly categorized into four styles: Christian martyrs represented by the “Monument Commemorating Twenty-six Martyrs of Nagasaki”, female heads and statues directly carved from marble, ragged bronze depictions like “Castle of Hara”, and finally, graceful bronze series of boys and girls. A number of bronze boys and girls by the artist are noted for their shared themes, like boys holding apples, boys holding pigeons, boys blowing flutes, and so on. Funakoshi chose sculpting career to follow Rodin and Kotaro Takamura, but compared to other sculptors, his works exude spirituality he sought on his own and came to a kind of agreement on his own accord. The artist seems to have found a way to approach his subjects while keeping a certain distance from European style. Martyrs naturally included young boys, but Funakoshi seems to focus on their innocence, from which he drew inspirations.
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