ArtistKUO Kuo Hsiang KUO Kuo Hsiang
ExhibitionThe 26th UBE Biennale
PlaceTokiwa Park
MaterialStainless Steel



Based on the concept of ‘’water’’, this project will utilize the image of ‘’water drops’’ and the sound made as they splash onto a water surface, echoing the atmosphere of the site and eliciting audience response.
Water is encountered in countless forms. Sometimes it pours down accompanied by flashes of lightning and crashing thunder. Othertimes it vanishes into nothingness, leaving no trace between heaven and earth.
Water drops falling on water surface, create concentric circles of ripples, spreading gently outwards. The recoil from the vitality of this flowing force breaks the limits of space, just as when an actor unites his intellectual vitality with physical energy; gentle on some occasions violent on others; water displays scene after breathtaking scene, riveting to behold, and continuously re-enacted throughout the world.
Document ID21703
Source第26回UBEビエンナーレ(現代日本彫刻展) 山口県立美術館賞