Toward the wind

OwnerUbe City
Search TypeOutdoor Sculpture
Japanese Title風に向かって
Artist井田 勝己 IDA Katsumi
ExhibitionThe 17th UBE Biennale
PlaceCity Center

A red boat floats in the air. The hull is polished until it gleams in red, while the burner-burned white deck retains the rough surface. Similarly, only the upper half of the basalt is polished black, while the lower half retains the natural roughness. The two glossy colors resemble the water on which the boat floats. A single plate of granite is used for the boat, and two base stones, one in front and one in back, support the boat. By keeping the gravity point of the laid stone afloat, the sculpture creates an atmosphere of agravity in which the boat floats. Furthermore, the narrow and sharp boat form, the lines carved at equal intervals on the hull, and the bow pointing upwards emphasize the sensation that the boat is moving “towards the wind”. In contrast, a small town with a deserted look is carved on the deck, with all meticulous details carefully and lovingly carved out by the sculptor. The seemingly pocket-sized town talks to our inner self, rather than objectively presenting a physical town. In contrast to the dynamic movement of the boat, the town seems to have been frozen in time. While looking monumental as a whole, the detailed depiction seems to cherish an inner thought like a talisman. The sculptor tries “to present words that have no shapes, that only exists within us, in the form of sculpture.”
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