The Age of Stone and Wind

OwnerUbe City
Search TypeOutdoor Sculpture
Japanese TitleThe Age of Stone and Wind
Artist門脇 おさむ KADOWAKI Osamu
ExhibitionThe 17th UBE Biennale
PlaceCity Center

In the sculpture, a 45t block of megalith is split into two pieces and displayed as if the rock was naturally broken and fell on the ground. Nine “stone windmills” are placed around the rock to visualize the traveling wind. The elaborately designed windmills, accentuating the powerful presence of the megalith, use bearings to gain perfect evenness in all four directions and are thus able to start rotating even in the faintest breeze. The contrast of natural stones and the artificial windmills stands out, while the megalith generates the atmosphere of “naturalness”. Stones, taking an eternity to form, stand as an antithesis of the ever-changing contemporary civilization and quietly watch us. The deliberately untouched (unfinished) surface allows the work to weather while continuing to send out the constant message. The work will continue to exist in the eternity, from the past and the present, and to the future. The “stone windmill” motif derives from the windmills sold in the night market when the sculptor was a child. He wants to “present this work as a gift to the children of the future with a promise of protecting the earth.” By visualizing the wind, existing since the dawn of the earth, the work represents the desire that civilization continues to exist in the far future just like the present.
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