The Stepping Stone

Artist福岡 道雄 FUKUOKA Michio
PlaceCity Center

The sculpture is installed on the opposite side of the road where Akihiko Kurokawa's “Rondeau” stands. Because of the surrounding shrubbery, it does not stand out from a distance, but it brings inevitable smiles to the faces of passersby, just like the work by Akihiko Kurokawa. The work consists of an oval surface of 183 x 110 cm featuring a water surface with countless ripples and more than a dozen stepping stones forming a line across the surface. The figure of a person trying to travel across the water may be the sculptor, but it could be us at the same time. The sculptor was once a prominent advocate of minimal expression in 1960s and 1970s, but his recent works feature landscapes and wooden boxes, a pursuit to present the artist’s inner thought as a landscape. The sculptor first produced the work with FRP and made a bronze cast from the model.
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