Artist黒川 晃彦 KUROKAWA Akihiko
PlaceCity Center

Gigantic monuments are not always the answer to urban landscape. In a right place and environment, a small piece can bring a smile and a moment of relief to passersby. Two sculptures stand near the planting in front of ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Ube and a convenience store on the opposite side of the road. One of them is “Rondeau” by Akihiko Kurokawa. The statue, depicting a slightly comical figure sitting on a bench and playing an instrument, is one of the sculptor’s signature characters. Passersby approach the figure unaware and suddenly realize the presence of a person, standing or sitting next to them and happily playing instrument. The encounter inevitably brings a grin to their faces. While the instruments may be trumpet, flute, or something else, and while a midnight encounter with them may occasionally startle us, their presence arouses melodies in our head and add pleasure to city strolling.
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