A Range of Mountains - Brilliant

OwnerUbe City
Search TypeOutdoor Sculpture
Japanese Title連山夢想-きらめく
Artist眞板 雅文 MAITA Masafumi
ExhibitionThe 16th UBE Biennale
PlaceTokiwa Park

The artwork is installed next to “Shoyo-no-moto-e (See the Sun),” another work by the same artist in 1993. It is located at the innermost area of Tokiwa Park along the looped route across Swan Bridge, where an open landscape comes into view. Against the backdrop of bamboo groves and residences lining along the hills beyond, the clearing that features the sculpture also functions as a Japanese garden. The mixture of black and white granite stones suddenly adds complexity to the expression of the landscape. The untamed round stone, roughly shaven white granite, shiny black granite featuring sharp horizontal and vertical ridges, and the dark gleam of the coated iron plate are combined to fill the entire space with the radiation of harmonious light. The contrast of light and shadow visually builds cairns and then splashes them over nearby cairns. Faced with the complexity of time comprising of the glittering time of the wind, traveling through trees in the landscape, and the structured time of light, radiating from stones and iron, we suddenly find ourselves looking at our own time (life).
Document ID21573