Kissing with the Wind and Clouds

Artist小笠原 伸行 OGASAWARA Nobuyuki
ExhibitionThe 15th UBE Biennale
PlaceOther Places

What strikes viewers’ eyes is the cylindrical shapes forming the bases on both sides of the structure, as if emerging from the ground in a rotating movement. As they went up, the cylinders are flattened, and encounter and touch with each other, just like “a kiss of the wind and cloud”. The piece is installed on the flower bed of a green belt along Route 190, which runs right in front of the main entrance of Higashikiwa Elementary School. The dynamic abstract structure grabs attention of all passersby, including drivers. Notably, Higashikiwa Area is the most active advocate of “Fill the Town with Flowers” movement in Ube City. Both sides of the road are perpetually filled with flowers, like salvias in the summer and calendulas in the winter. This vermilion statue stands in even more brilliant color among flowers, momentarily making the streetscape something completely different from a standard cityscape lined with nondescript commercial signboards.
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