Artist剣持 和夫 KENOMOCHI Kazuo
ExhibitionThe 15th UBE Biennale
PlaceTokiwa Park

“Unazuki” is a thin, withered tree. It stands next to pines and cherries, which burst into lush green when the season comes. Because of its very unceremonious presence, visitors to the Permanent Exhibition (presently, Open-air Sculpture Exhibition) tend to pass by without noticing “Unazuki” as a sculpture. Hardly anyone even notices that the withered tree is a fake (artificial) tree made of bronze. “Unazuki” is the name of a place in Toyama Prefecture. The sculptor went into the woods of Unazuki, made a mold of an entire fallen tree uprooted by a typhoon, and created the bronze cast of the tree so that he can finally return it to the nature. Without any leaves and branches, the expressionless dead tree stands slenderly towards the blue sky, probably personifying the loneliness of our life. The slight lean towards the root is inexplicably beautiful, like a manifestation of its will to stand erect and live its life despite the harsh wind and snow.
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