Three Oblong Blocks

Artist内田 晴之 UCHIDA Haruyuki
ExhibitionThe 15th UBE Biennale
PlaceTokiwa Park
MaterialStainless Steel

The work consists of three nondescriptive stainless cuboids, almost identical in size. Two of them are lying on the ground, forming an angle at about 120 degrees with each other, while the third cuboid is precariously placed on top of the two. Surprisingly, a closer look would reveal the third cuboid, bridging the two cuboids on the ground, to sway in the wind when it blows from certain directions. Only a corner of the ridge lines supports its balance. While seemingly notoriously tricky, the repelling and attracting forces of the magnets placed within the cuboids make it resistant to strong winds. In Tokiwa Park, water surface glitters, and lawns shine in green. Only one sides of the three cuboids were ground in contrast to mirror-finished other sides, making them look as if a single stainless beam fell from the sky, broke into three pieces in midair, and just landed on the ground.

Document ID21562