Different Space

OwnerUbe City
Search TypeOutdoor Sculpture
Japanese Title異・空間
Artist内田 晴之 UCHIDA Haruyuki
ExhibitionThe 12th UBE Biennale
PlaceCity Center
MaterialStainless Steel

The isosceles triangle standing upside down in the middle stands precariously by the repulsive force of the magnets embedded between the two rectangular cubes standing on both sides. The artist has been a leading figure in indoor competitions like the Contemporary Japanese Art Exhibition and the Japan International Art Exhibition since 1980s, but his recent works showcase his significant growth as a skilled producer of color-coated open-air sculptures. Tricky forms apparently impossible at first sight, floating and swaying against the backdrop of the green landscape, remind us of the perils of our civilization and effectively capture the fresh tension of the urban life.
Document ID21536
Source第12回現代日本彫刻展 宇部興産株式会社賞