Sun Saddle '87

OwnerUbe City
Search TypeOutdoor Sculpture
Japanese TitleSUN SADDLE ’87
Artist山口 牧生 YAMAGUCHI Makio
ExhibitionThe 12th UBE Biennale
PlaceTokiwa Park
ConceptSUN SADDLEとは、つまり“陽の鞍”。全体は舟形のように細長く寡黙なたたずまいだ。上部のわずかに窪んだ水平面は鏡のように磨かれていて、細いグラフィックな線状痕が無数に刻まれている。だが、いったん太陽がその鏡面にギラギラ南中すると、そこは太陽の石舞台と化す。線状痕は日時計の代わりをつとめ、もし雨水がたまったときは舞台はもっと劇的になるだろう。寡黙な石こそ多くを語る。作者の意もそこにある。

As a whole, it looks like a slender boat, left ashore in silence. The slightly dented horizontal surface on the top is polished until it gleams like a mirror, on which fine, numerous graphic linear marks are chiseled out. Once the sun culminates, however, the glaring light transforms the polished surface into a dais of the sun. the linear chisel marks function like notches on a sundial, and the dais would increase its dramatic effect when it accumulates rainwater. Quiet stones are more eloquent than anything. The sculptor knew it exactly.
Document ID21534
Source第12回現代日本彫刻展 大賞(宇部市賞)Grand Prize (Ube City Prize)